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The Cornish Holistic Day Centre is due to open later in 2017 and we will always need your support. Please, give what you can.

What We Do

The Global Natural Healthcare Trust (GNHCT) is a U.K. registered charity - registration number 1107629. It was originally formed to meet a need in 2001 for Sub Saharan Africa. In 2014 the model began to be developed to reach out to all those in need in the U.K. and Cornwall and we are now proud to introduce GNHCT-UK.

Care where it is needed

This unit will be open to those in need during 10-5. It is not a unit for substance users or alcoholic problems but for those who need a place to be quiet and relax in pleasant and friendly surroundings.

Wildflowers and Organic Produce

The gardens will be beautiful and as natural as possible with wild flowers. Permaculture with organic produce will be available at the shop at low prices to encourage healthy eating and living.

Holistic Day Centre in Cornwall

We hope to aquire around 20 acres of land to build the new centre which will be eco friendly and a building made from as many recycled items as possible. It is for those in need of added care and support who are afflicted with life changing health problems.

FREE Herbal Clinic Consultations

Herbal Consultations in clinic will be FREE and prescriptions will be charged at cost to encourage patients to walk the path of Safe Natural Healing. Extensive Medical Herb gardens for the Herbal Dispensary will be developed along with facilities for students to train in Medical Herbalism.

Safe Natural Healing Prescriptions

People of all ages and all types of background consult Medical Herbalist. We do NOT retail our prescriptions. You can only have Herbal Medicine if you are a registered patient with the clinic. Once you are registered, you can have your prescriptions posted if you are living at a distance. The cost involved for postage and packing is kept to a minimum.

Peaceful Haven for Those in Need

The Cornish Holistic Day Centre and grounds are for us to be able to provide a safe and supportive haven for people who need a peaceful getaway to recover or just recharge their batteries. With the additional medicines, therapies and support we hope it will prove to be as successful as our Africa GNHCT project for many years to come.

Current Projects

GNHCT-UK is working towards building the new Holistic Day Centre in Cornwall for those in need of added care and support who are afflicted with life changing health problems.
We have so much to achieve and we hope to see you along the way.


“There has to be a way forward when you are living with Lyme Disease”

Dame Commander Annette Montague-Thomas
The Founder
The Global Natural Healthcare Trust

“Everyone is welcome”

South West

Saturday 21st October 2017
The Global Natural Healthcare Trust, a registered U.K. Charity: 1107629 will be hosting their first Lyme Disease Awareness Conference.

The Waterside Old Coach Road Lanivet Bodmin PL30 5JJ

The day will start at 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.


Saturday 25th November
The Global Natural Healthcare Trust a registered U.K. Charity: 1107629 will be hosting its first Scottish Lyme Disease Awareness Conference.

The Edinburgh Training & Conference Center 16 St Marys Street Edinburgh EH1 1SU

Full agenda being prepared.

International Speakers
Orthodox Treatment
Herbal Treatment
Blood Testing
Patients Forum

Tea/Coffee and water inclusive.
Consideration is paramount for those in need, who have to make a huge effort to be there on the day , re diet, accommodation; and transport And possible rest areas.

£40 inclusive of lunch.


Please e-mail us on info@gnhct.com

About Us

GNHCT-UK Founder, Dame Annette Montague-Thomas

By profession I am a Registered Medical Herbalist with over 30 years of experience and have been providing safe herbal medical care since 1989 through my Truro & London based business The Herbal Clinic.
I am the Founder of The Global Natural Healthcare Trust (GNHCT), a UK charity providing much needed care and support in South Africa, where over 16 years of my life has been given to those in need who are afflicted and affected by HIV/AIDS and AIDS related disorders.
Since 2014 I have been developing the model of the GNHCT to reach out to all those in need in the U.K. and Cornwall and am now proud to introduce the GNHCT-UK!

  • 1989

    Herbal Clinic Opens

  • 1995

    Herbal Hair Clinic Opens

  • 2000

    GNHCT (Africa) launches

  • 2015

    GNHCT-UK envisioned

  • 2017

    GNHCT-UK plans launch

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Kernow House will be opening later in 2017 and we need your help to make this happen so please give what you can


For anyone reading this website for the first time, be prepared to be surprised as this Cornish based charity has such vison: and sees the need of what ordinary people and families are struggling with on a day to day basis.
Until you get into a situation when no one else can help you, you will never understand the need. Care and Home Care packages are in short supply; and often people like myself, get left alone for a good part of their lives as I don’t have a family that are in the county. I suppose if I am honest I have become a bit of a liability!
I first met Annette Montague-Thomas in her Herbal Clinic in Truro in 1989 when she opened, and then again in 2003 when she had returned from her monthly working trip to South Africa, I was very interested in her work and just how quickly Herbal Medicine had helped me recover from a very debilitating illness.
Although GNHCT-UK is just starting, we must remember they have 40 years of experience in Health Care and Herbal Medicine. For me GNHCT was a life saver and the greatest support I could wish for. I know that you and other people will be delighted to be a part of this charity, whether it is as a volunteer, a fundraiser, or like for me at 83 a complete blessing in my years.

Mrs. Trevelyan

I would like to thank GNHCT for all the good work they have done to help save lives in Africa.

I have followed this charity since its concept and have been out to Africa to see their work myself with my husband.
Having worked alongside Annette Montague-Thomas and her colleague Liz Lyden, it quite amazed me just how much GNHCT have grown and have gained so many patients in South Africa, who literally travel for days and then just sit and wait to be seen, even from other African countries.
Having known Annette for many years, as we are personal friends, I know her vision is to heal and love and care for as many people in need as possible.
GNHCT is needed in the U.K. and here in Cornwall our Care Packages are on overload, so many people live isolated lives without any one visiting them, I can see Annette’s vision of reaching to those in need and I am proud of not only what this charity has already achieved, but what it is planning here in the U.K.

Like us you too could make a small contribution each month on a standing order/direct debit to help others.

Carole Wyatt

GNHCT was formed to meet a need for HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa and what people need to know and realise is the amount of HIV/AIDS here in the U.K. and right here in Cornwall.

I happen to have HIV and sadly lost my partner some years back, the stigma and abuse and isolation I suffered was second to none, and, when I met GNHCT at their first fundraising ball in 2001, I could see that they had vision and I then asked them "would they work with people afflicted in the U.K?" and their immediate answer was “Yes indeed!”

I have been very involved with GNHCT and am delighted that they are now broadening their horizons to open a Day Care Centre for people in need. The centre will be a wonderful asset to Cornwall and to the elderly, the lonely, and those that just need that special place to be.


Our family has a member with a terminal disease, it has changed our lives from once a busy active family, to a family that just rotates around one person and how comfortable we can make our loved one each day.

GNHCT visit our family once or twice a week, they arranged some extra support for us that was free, until we got into the system of a NHS Care Package.

This Cornish based charity has become so important to us that we can never repay their time or kindness.

Without GNHCT we would have had a very worrying time, they are simply wonderful people.

Mrs. Heather


The Cornish Holistic Day Centre is due to open later in 2017 and we will always need your support. Please, give what you can.

We're waiting to hear from you